Friday, October 3, 2014

New internet space and life update

I haven't written in a while over here at Lifetime of Spring because I've been busy posting over at our new urban farming blog. Check it out at

In the meantime, I do have good intentions for keeping our family life internet space updated, but I'm giving myself some grace since I am, after all, trying to parent five very dependent little kids right now. I know that a lot of you are probably wondering where we are in our foster care process and what the status is of the girls who have been a part of our family since last October. A lot has happened and changed in a year. The foster parents who are loving on two of the brothers of our girls also have a blog. I asked her permission to share the link to her latest post, which describes not only where we are at in the process, but also where we all are emotionally as foster parents. Please read and continue to pray for our family and all the families involved in this case.

While we did not enter into foster care with the sole intention of adoption, we always were open to that as an option. As it stands today, if the termination of rights goes through, we will be the adoptive home for our girls. While this feels so daunting and overwhelming, and at times downright crazy, we know that what we are doing is for the glory of the Father. And as He loves us and adopts us into our family, even as our most unloveable selves, so we should do as well. That's a lot of hard, powerful, sacrificial love. We love these girls as our own. And pray every day that the Lord will grant us the wisdom and grace and love to parent all of the children that have been entrusted to us.