Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding the Perfect Tree

My sequence of events is slightly altered due to some lost and then found photos, but here is our trip to the Christmas Tree Farm which we ventured out on the day after Thanksgiving with our friends.

Lexi and Luc.

This boy is definitely from the city. question about it....
The whole gang.
This is what happens when Lexi doesn't hold my hand..... She runs.
Hanging out with Daddy.Literally.
Being cute. As usual.
Yes, this child is mine. Don't ask me how.
I need to cut my bangs.
Ready to go home.

On the Ice

This post has been long in coming, but regardless of that fact, the pictures are finally here! (Some of these pics were taken by our friend Jenny Recotta, and some where taken by Eric and me...but all on my new spiffy camera.) This is how we spend winters in Chicago...even while pregnant and with a 19 month old (shhh....don't tell my midwives!).

Lexi stays true to form and throws a fit on the ice...which she discovered is a bit colder than our wood floors at home.
My new skates.

Love. this. girl.
Skating together.
Daddy fixing her skates after they fell off due to all her excited jumping up and down on the ice.
Warming up in the skate house after a fun time....and she looks like a chipmunk.