Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to avoid a boring life

How to avoid a boring life

Step 1: When you feel yourself slipping into the boring doldrums of life, take your spouse and your firstborn child and move into a single family apartment with one bathroom with another family of three for a full year.

Step 2: A month before your lease runs out on that apartment, decide to get a new job, have your second baby, buy a house, and then move without the help of an actual moving truck. 

Step 3: Decide to start an urban farm and eat locally, giving up processed foods for good. Plant gardens, buy chicks, and then (after the chicks arrive and have been living in the house for more weeks than you would like) build the coop. 

Step 4: When you decide that the grown up chickens are not as fun as you thought, add a few ducks to the mix. And build a quail hutch, just in case you may need to raise quail in the future. You never know.

Step 5: Animals are cool and all, but what about human children in need of homes in your very own city? Become foster parents! Take in a few kids, preferably the same ages as your own to double up the fun.

Step 6: Why not add a new baby to the family while you're at it?! Morning sickness will definitely keep you on your toes along with the four kids under four years old and all the fowl in the yard!

Step 7: Halfway through the pregnancy, when you're finally feeling better (but you can't really bend over at the waist anymore due to the very round protruding bulge in your middle), it's time to get adventurous again. Borrow a large dog crate, fold down the seats in the van, and go pick up the new additions to your city farm. After all, when life starts feeling "normal"(and in our case, "normal" is particularly relative), it's time to add the spice!

 Introducing Jane

 And Clarabelle

 Our two Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 
As to all the how, why, and wtf are you guys thinking?!? questions (because I know you are most certainly wondering), I will address those in all the posts to come as we all settle in and get used to new routines and responsibilities. This has been in the works since August 2013, so while not a surprise to us, the timing of everything lately adds a certain amount of crazy and hilarity to our family life. We may as well embrace it. :-)