Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a little March news...

This spring has really been quite the record breaker. Starting in February and continuing all the way through March, Chicago has had consistent temperatures in the 60's, 70's, and 80's! It has been wonderful! Lexi and I have been outside in the sun as much as possible, and even took a trip to Foster Beach a couple of days ago. We didn't swim (Eric had to use his muscles to keep Lexi out of the water, though) but as you can see from the photo, there were others there who actually WERE swimming! I am still in shock that this is Chicago in March. But there you have it.
[Also, a disclaimer on the quality of the photos... they were taken from my phone, so they are bound to be bad and blurry.]

Eric has been thankful for spring's early arrival. Mostly because it means that I am a much happier person than I usually am this time of year. February and March are the hardest months for me, mainly because of all the gloom, cold, and lack of sun. I tend to get a bit more agitated and seasonally depressed (just a little) and yes, I complain a lot about how terrible Chicago is. This year? Forget it! I am as happy as a clam! (Which, after having an extremely rough pregnancy...wait...I'm still in it...{{sigh}} saying something). The flowers and vibrant new green leaves are a party for the eyes and the smell of damp earth and growing things is enough to make anyone's heart soar.

Everything is in bloom a month early. These are the trees outside my apartment.
This week we also had our last gymnastics class at Peterson Park. Lexi LOVES this class, so I am a little sad that we didn't register for the next session, but with the new baby bound to arrive within the next 3 weeks, I think we will be doing gymnastics of our own kind for a while.

Lexi loves the balance beam. An apparatus that I never cared for as a gymnast.

Her favorite event is the bar. She spends most of her time over here, swinging on the bar and then jumping down when she can't hold on anymore. She has pretty amazing strength for an almost-but-not-yet-two-year-old!

Perfect dismount!

This month my life has been filled with sunshine, warmth, good friends, and lots of sewing and Lexi entertaining/chasing/training,etc, and of course baby growing. My midwife took one look at my ball-like belly two days ago and promptly announced that I had a "perfectly shaped belly - all out in front!" She proceeded to tell me that "some ladies just spread out wide like pumpkins, but your belly is all baby!" Which, in fact, is very true, considering my low weight gain and the fact that I seriously look like I just have a bowling ball tucked under my shirt. Mostly I am just glad to not be grouped in with one of the pumpkin belly ladies (no offence to those of you out there). And don't worry, I will take a picture before this little one is born (I promise....). I am so ready for this baby to join our family. Mostly because I am extremely tired and am also extremely tired of being pregnant and am extremely EXTREMELY curious to know if this baby is a BOY or if it is a GIRL! I have NO idea this time around and am so looking forward to the surprise!!! And of course, I am very much looking forward to meeting and getting know this active little being that has been living and growing inside of my body for the last nine months of my life. Pregnancy is such a strange and beautiful thing...

So yes, I have also been sewing quite a bit lately as well. I made Lexi another dress (a different style this time) and made several things for the baby, which I will take pictures of and post soon. Lexi has been pushing all sorts of artistic limits herself this month, including speaking in full sentences, eating a huge glob of playdough (which then got stuck to the roof of her mouth...resulting in a lot of gagging until I finally figured out that it was stuck there), climbing out of her crib (we all knew that day was coming), falling face first into the bathtub (Eric pulled her out the water completely covered in bubbles...and no, we are not negligent parents....she is just stinkin' FAST!), discovering glue, drawing masterpieces with black pen on my white couch, counting on her own, reading with me through huge stacks of library books, biting other children, and singing Jesus Loves Me with perfect pitch. Yes, she is awesome. And yes, I am exhausted. Thanks for asking.

With her activity levels, the only question on my mind lately is HOW ON EARTH am I supposed to nurse a newborn with a Lexi running around? Do I tie her up every two hours? Do I let her tear up the house? Do I lock her in the closet? Ladies, I need your expertise here...please share your wisdom in how to subdue an extremely smart and energetic two-year-old! (and no, TV only works for about 10 mins...)

And with that, I will bid you good night. And happy (almost) last week of this lovely March.