Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where Lexi trades in Katy Perry for Bible verse songs, poops on the potty, and cuts her own hair.

These past few weeks have been full of adventure. After three months of screaming torturous cries everytime we sat Lexi on the potty to poop, she finally decided to give it a try - Lexi style. And by Lexi-style, I mean that she did it all on her own. Like went into the bathroom by herself, clmbed on the toilet by herself, and pooped by herself. Then she came running out yelling "MAMA!!!! WANNA SEE MY POOP???!!! COME SEE MY POOP!!!!" 

After being fully pee-trained for the last three months, this was quite the accomplishment. So she won her prize dinosaur toy...and then preceeded to work the system and by the end of the week had won five dinosaurs in one day. So we switched to chocolate chips. We save the dinosaurs for the particularly large poops these days. I love how this is what I do all day. 
Anyway, so now we have a fully toilet-trained champ (minus the sleeping times, of course) and will be eliminating the treats sometime soon. Although who doesn't love a little chocolate chip pick me up now and then? Everyone needs a little reward sometimes. Why not make it when we poop? ;)

Enough of the bodily functions. Moving on. 

Growing tired of hearing my two year old sing "I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT" and "IM WIDE AWAKE" at the top of her lungs every day, I took control of my sanity and ordered her a good old fashioned Steve Green "Hide 'em in your Heart" CD (yes, they have upgraded to CDs!). And while the little kid voices can certainly become torturous after listening to the CD on repeat for four hours, at least what's filling our minds and hearts is God's Word instead of pathetic break ups and self absorption. And the awesome thing is that Lexi already has several Bible verses memorized just from singing them all the time. Which of course, I love.

And after months of anticipating this catastrophic-yet-hilarious-at-the-same-time event, it has finally happened. Lexi happened to see me get my hair cut a few days ago at a friend's house (I know, not smart, Beth, NOT smart...) and while all of us were in the other room, Lexi snuck away and found the scissors. And yes, she knows perfectly well how to operate them. In her pursuit of being the youngest working beautician, she now has a bald spot right on the top of her head where she lobbed off a reasonably sized lock of her golden hair. In a hurry to get out the door, I didn't realize this had happened until the next day, when I was doing her hair. And by then, well, you can't really be angry. So we just laughed about it instead. And are now trying our best to find a hairstyle that covers it up....

Lyla is just the sweetest, most easy going baby I have ever known. She is happy, content, and full of smiles and giggles and we all love her to death and snuggle her as much as possible! Her newest trick is rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and taking really loooooooong naps. (remember that Lexi only ever took 30 minute naps until this year, so this is new and awesome for me). She is also starting to pull her legs up under her and catapult herself forward in the beginnings of crawling...which I am kind of sad about, but all babies have to grow up as fast as possible I guess. 

And here we come to the end of summer with a crazy four months behind us and a lot of sitting on our shady front porch ahead of us. And can I just mention that today at the park there were five women (myself included) all from different countries conversing about parenting in our one common language (English)? And it was awesome. And this is why I love my neighborhood, love diversity, and love the fact that I am living right in the middle of where the world converges.
Also, it is only by Divine providence that I put a spare key hidden outside a few days ago, because Lexi just definitely locked me out (what does this kid NOT do?). And had I not done that, there would have been some creative climbing going on over here...not to mention my shoes are here in the house (where I thankfully am now as well). And Eric mentioned to me the other day that there is a possibility that Lexi is Gifted. Can I laugh now? Yep. I'm laughing... oh boy.